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City2City, Inc. is a fully self-contained mobile car wash and detailing company. Our company provides the most advanced car wash and detailing services available.  Unlike other car detailing companies we bring our services to you. This revolutionary method of providing car wash and detailing services is not only convenient but it saves our clients both time and energy. 


The mission of City2City, Inc is to provide high quality, affordable car detailing services to all of our clients.  We are committed to ensuring that our clients are happy and satisfied with the services that we provide.  Customer service is our number one priority.  City2City, Inc. offers a variety of car care packages to fit the needs of all car owners.  We understand that the needs of our customers may differ therefore we have created a comprehensive menu of services that addresses the needs of our diverse group of clientele.  



As previously mentioned, City2City, Inc. is a well equipped, attractive, low maintenance and customer friendly carwash and detail service.  City2City, Inc. will provide the convenience of having a stationed carwash to serve building tenants in an effort to develop a loyal base of repeat customers as well as new customers. City2City, Inc. will feature state of the art equipment designed for quality, reliability, and easy usage. Using waterless and soft water technology along with an exclusive detailing process, cars will be professionally serviced and completed in a timely manner. 


We are self-insured and bonded, upon request we can provide our business license and reference letters from our loyal customers. We are proud of our proven track record 




Mr. Delmar Frazier

Founder, City2City, Inc.



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