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Advanced blend of detergents, advanced waxes and multiple macro polymers. The waterless car wash first breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime which is wiped off with a microfiber towel.

MAGNIFICENT Wax then replaces it with a protective layer of macro polymers and waxes, leaving your vehicle cleaner and with a longer lasting shine you can be proud of.


Anti-statics contained in #MAGNIFICENT Wax will keep dust off your vehicle surfaces longer and make it easier to remove.

Application, one section at a time:

#Magnificent wax is a revolutionary wax designed by Delmar Frazier a retired Car Detailer with over 30 years of car cleaning. Delmar recently launched his own spray wax a couple of years ago and he guarantees its one of the best spray waxes for your vehicle boat plane or motorcycle.




Spray MAGNIFICENT Wax on the paint.

Spray MAGNIFICENT Wax on a clean microfiber towel and use it to gently remove the dirt and grime.

Use a second microfiber towel to buff the surface clean and dry.

It's that easy. Step back and appreciate the results. Wash-and-wax-in-one eliminates multiple time consuming steps.

Microfiber Towel Tips:

Microfiber towels are recommended to gently and safely apply MAGNIFICENT Wax and remove it. The static-charged, woven fibers grab wax residue so there is less dusting if any. Microfiber does not shed lint and the tiny manmade fibers polish the paint while you buff. This way, chances of causing micro-scratches on the top coat, or interior surfaces are avoided.

Fold each Microfiber towel in half twice before use - This effectively gives you 8 clean pads to carry out your cleaning operation.

Keep an extra microfiber towel lying around for the unexpected shine up.

Any motion, circular or linear, will work just fine to apply MAGNIFICENT Wax.

Usage Details:

A normal 16oz. bottle of #MAGNIFICENT Wax waterless car wash can clean your car an average of 12-15 times.

This obviously depends on how heavily you apply and is based on "Normal Application." "Normal Application" is considered two to three light sprays per area or section of your car.

Washing your car without water 7 times, using only one 16oz. bottle of #MAGNIFICENT Wax can save approximately 580 gallons of water!

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